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I need to lose some weight…

Well my friend, you are in the right place. We specialize in helping clients lose weight at speeds that they are not used to.  Once we get our hands on you, I GUARANTEE you will lose weight FAST! Still skeptical? Check out our testimonials.


I would like to lose fat around my midsection…

No problem!  With our cutting edge dietary approaches, which by the way you will NOT find most places, you will see that area toning up almost immediately.


I want to tone my arms…

Wether you are involved with our personal training program, mixed martial arts classes, or hybrid training program, you will tighten and tone those guns in ways you could not even begin to imagine!

I hate diets!

Me to!  Here we have mastered the balance of healthy eating for the modern working class individual. You eat lunch out every day? No problem! Me too.  As you begin to exercise, you will be naturally attracted to healthier foods, making your weight loss goals easy.


I think I may have a friend who is interested as well…

Awesome! Bring them in and you BOTH will get a significant discount!

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