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Why Master Your Body Fitness

Discover The Rochester Hill’s Boot Camp that can get you Toned, Tight and Lean with our unique “Afterburn Workouts” and Flexible Diet Program.

Rochester Hill’s Master Your Body Fitness is #1 in Fitness and Fat Loss and our program is designed, not only to make you look, but also feel better.

Our Afterburn Workouts that are lead by certified personal trainers will help you burn unwanted body fat, tone and tighten your muscles and give you all-day energy so that you can tackle each day with zest and confidence!

what is master your body fitness

Rochester Hill’s Master Your Fitness is a results oriented and up-beat fitness and fat loss program that includes fun and challenging workouts, an easy to follow (for life) nutrition program, and unlimited accountability and motivation... all so that you can achieve the body you want in a fun, family like atmosphere.

Every workout session is ran by an experienced, certified, personal trainer and is crafted to help you burn fat, tone and strengthen your muscles, and increase energy and overall health.

Personalization is paramount in yielding you the best and fastest possible results, and for that reason, every workout is modified to fit your own fitness level.

Unlike traditional one-on-one training, our workouts are done in a small group setting which makes them a heck of a lot more fun, challenging, and therefor effective AND it keeps the cost significantly lower.

Victor Oddo

Victor Co-owner


Marvin Co-Owner & Head Personal Trainer


Kyle personal trainer

Before & After

We like to show off our handy work.. not to brag about our program, but for you to see (real-life) examples of others making incredible transformations to their body and life, so that you can do the same